So Felicious is a food blog based in Jakarta.

This blog is run by felicia. A food eater; gulps almost everything except (most) fruits and lamb. Being the typical lazy bum she is, she decided to at least do something about her life before it turned out like Bridget Jones’. And that’s how So Felicious came about.

So Felicious believes in posting as natural pictures as how they appear to the naked eye. We do, however, edit all of our pictures so that they will look more presentable. Just a little bit of sharpening, blurring, filtering, but that’s all it, really. As for the food reviews, we will try to be as truthful as possible.

We hate to see another victim to another poorly cooked dish. We are sure many out there have been fooled by the yummy looking pictures of certain foods/drinks/desserts, which turns out like total crap once you see/tastes them in person.

So stay tuned, readers.
So Felicious has come to the rescue to provide as accurate details possible of the many restaurants in Jakarta, and abroad (depending on felicia’s schedule)