Collage at Pullman Hotel, Central Park

collagepullman-5On every family outing, mine is always having trouble deciding where to eat. Not because there are too many options out there, but because every member of the family likes different things. Father loves Healthy Chinese food, Mother always insists on having meat-based dishes, Sister loves Kampung food (Nasi Goreng), and i prefer vegetarian food.

But here at Collage everyone wins because there are a wide variety of cuisines served. From Indian to Italian, you name it.

when you can’t decide what to eat first


Eating a pile of delicious food in a buffet scene might be one of my most favourite thing to do. But besides that, i equally enjoy observing beautiful serve-wares and the way foods are styled and presented.

collagepullman-2collagepullman-3collagepullman-4collagepullman-1“Collage” has an extensive option of desserts too! Last time i was here, there are many selection of Spanish desserts which i haven’t often seen in Jakarta.

collagepullman-22collagepullman-20collagepullman-23collagepullman-25collagepullman-26collagepullman-6Overall, i have a fantasTHICK time dining here. I believe you deserve it too.

Opening Hours: 10h to 22h

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