Boat Noodle at Gandaria City

Bakso Sapi Bakar

I’ve only had boat noodles at two places: one in First Thai, Shanghai and the second one is here in Gandaria City, Jakarta. Both have distinctive tastes in their broths, but the one here has stronger flavours and also thicker broth consistency.

Boat Noodles Rp 8,500 per bowl

I love that the portion is tiny and you are expected to stack as much bowls possible. It’s strange but i tend to become competitive and ambitious when it comes to eating, so… perfect place for me!

There are 2 noodle options for the boat noodle: egg noodles or rice noodles,

2 types of broth: Prathumtaninya or Ayutthaya

2 kind of toppings: Beef or Chicken


Flame Grilled Chicken Legend

This chicken dish is super delicious. The meat is tender and very flavourful, especially when dunked with the tangy soy-shallots sauce.

Krapow Chicken Rice

Another lovely dish i must recommend is this Kra Pow Chicken Rice. The herbs cooked with the minced chicken are so fragrant, making my mouth waters just by looking at it. Apparently all ingredients here are sourced all the way from Thailand, including the herbs.


I forgot what’s the name of this one
Mini sized chicken wings

My eating companions are crazy over these mini wings. Well they’re deep-fried, savoury, and ….. tiny (less guilt?) , what’s there not to love?

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