Crayon Shin-Chan x Harajuku Takeshita Street, Tokyo

If you ask me where my favourite shopping area in Tokyo is, it would be Takeshita Street/ Takeshita Dori. Not only do they sell abundant of cute knick knacks and other cool stuff, the most kawaii food could be found right along the area as well! I was so lucky to be able to try out this pop-up Crayon Sinchan Restaurant as it will be there for just three months! (i’m so blessed! Praise the Lord!

The Entrance
I wasn’t aware there’s Crayon Sinchan pop-up until my Sinchan-obsessed sister hurriedly told me there is (She saw a cosplay girl holding a banner on a corner of Takeshita St.) The place itself is a little isolated from the crowd. It is located in an alley about 10-15 metres after “Angel Crepes”(Look below to see how “Angel Crepes looks like)
Now let’s start with all the food pictures
‎¥1,480 (+- IDR 185k)

Since they don’t have an English menu, i just picked all the cutest-looking food in the menu. The first meal served was this pink pig-shaped rice with a katsu underneath (Not sure if it’s pork/chicken). It comes with a chowder that is covered with Sinchan-print paper (It’s edible!) that tasted like bland Popiah skin
¥1,380 (+- IDR 170K)

Next meal served was Omurice. Except there is a seafood cream sauce to eat with the Omurice itself. This meal is definitely more delicious than the first one. But y’all, don’t be fooled with the seemingly generously served sauce. The base of the plate is actually white in-color too. I feel the sauce is not enough considering the size of the omurice. In the end i had to eat the rice with just the omelette. Tasted rather dry. Maybe this is a good thing for some who loves “dry” meals.

¥1,280 (+- IDR 160K)
Third meal we ordered was this Curry Rice with Misae as the cover of the miso soup. I’ve got nothing to say about this actually. It’s just Curry Rice being a Curry Rice, being its usual self. Being a Curry that always loves its loyal companion, Rice.
¥1,080 (+- IDR 135K)
The highlight of everything served here is no doubt the Sinchan’s bottom pudding. It was jiggly, soft as tofu, and beyond cute (gemessss!)
¥700 (+- IDR 90K)
The “action masked” figure (left) is a hot mocha, while “himawari” (right) is a hot cocoa. Too cute to drink, rightttt 😍😍😍. Both tasted like sachet drinks. Average. But cuteness level, superb!
¥580 (+- IDR 72K)
Strawberry Rollcake is super fluffy, not excessively sugared. Perfecto. Deliciozo. Jalapeno
¥980 (+- IDR 124K)
Shiro‘s cotton candy. I can’t even……….

There were several other interesting foods i found along Takeshita. One of them is this croquantchou. I first tried it out in August 2015 at its Shinjuku branch. Turns out they have now opened another branch in Takeshita St (yay!). Not a big fan of it but enough to suffice my sweet craving that comes and goes (like it owns me. Ugh)

Add caption

Anyway, it’s a rather thin pastry with cold custard cream filling. The ice cream tastes similar to the custard filling except it’s in ice-cream form. Very creamy.

Another food i snacked on around Harajuku was this Takoyaki. Love the generous amount of cheese shredded on top. You can find this Takoyaki at Gindaco.
It is located right outside Meiji Jingumae Station (Exit 3)

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