Benedict @ Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

It has been a year +- since ‘Benedict’ first opened for business and i hate to say it was my first time trying it out. All this time i’ve been missing out such awesome foods! (and cocktails too!) Thanks to my dear friend, Eric (who’s very up-to-date) who strongly recommends to give this restaurant a try.

The interior has a decidedly relaxed ambience. Perfect place to have a cup of coffee with a piece of cake to enjoy. I didn’t order their cakes though, but as seen from the menu on the board above, they have a large selection of baked goods. Next time i’m in will definitely give one of these cakes a try. Or two.
Benedict Affogato (50k)
What distinguishes Benedict Affogato from Classic Affogato is that it has a blended frozen coffee on top. I found the vanilla ice cream very creamy (obviously, it’s ice CREAM, duh lol) (I suck at explaining taste and flavours) But it’s definitely too creamy for my taste, especially once the ice cream melts, the beverage becomes very think in consistency to the point that it becomes difficult to drink from a straw. But hey, who drinks their affogatos from a straw, right. But hey again, my job is to describe foods as accurate as possible. And it’s the only analogy i could come up with to give comprehensive details of the affogato (post-ice cream-warming situation)
Foie Gras Rice (140k)
For those who know me well, they sure know that i totally dislike foie gras. First reason is because of the foul smell it produced. That smell is seriously like a virus- it pervades the aroma of the foods near/around it and spoils the taste of the overall dish. But to my surprise, this ‘Foie Gras Rice’ has no hint of foie gras smell for when i tried out the rice with the mushrooms and jiggly egg, it tasted oh-so-delightful *eyes instantly light up as if i’d just been possessed by supernatural being*
The only issue i had with this rice bowl is that there is too much butter mixed with the rice. No matter how delicious butter rice tastes, you can’t deny the awful feeling after eating too greasy foods. But, it’s still good.
Japanese Benedicts (80k)
Next one is this Japanese Benedicts. SHOOOO FELICIOUSHHH! Firstly i gotta disclose something about the photo above. Yes it looks humongous, but it’s actually not. Each of them probably just the size of a baseball. It looks large on the image because i shoot in portrait format and in order to fit on the web page well, the image has to be enlarged and stretched.
The uppermost part is the egg itself, poured over with a sauce that’s torched. So it’s not burnt, it’s just the torch effect. (i might be wrong actually, it’s all just assumption. Don’t ask me further question k.) Underneath the egg is a type of chicken nuggets (might be wrong too), and then some insignificant leaves, and a bed of rice to support everything together. The rice tasted very similar to the foie gras rice.
Tropical Harvest (55k)
Very fulfilling smoothie. It’s a mixture of mangoes, passion fruit, peach, and vanilla ice cream. To top it off, some goji berries and pumpkin seeds.
Zombie Plant (100k)
This Zombie Plant is a cocktail! Just pretty much the cutest cocktail i’ve ever had. This cocktail is brandy based and there are hints of many other flavours in it. Coffee, hazelnut, cream, nuts. It is the epitome of nourishing cocktail- you get the temporary ‘high’, the nutritious milk AND it’s a dessert in disguise.
I tell you it’s a definite Win Win.
Pitaya Bowl (80k)
Lately Jakarta is flooded with new joints that serves this sort of bowl, where the base is usually a thick fruit/smoothie mixture and later topped off with various colourful fruits. Pitaya Bowl’s base is dragon fruit smoothie with a slight trace of banana. Not really a fan of this because i’m not a fruit person. But you all go ahead try it. It’s healthy. It’s superfood. It’s vegan.
I’m still not having it though.
Address: Grand Indonesia – East Mall. Lower Ground Unit EM-LG-37-38-39
Jalan MH. Thamrin no. 1, Jakarta Pusat 10310

Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00 Mon – SunPhone: 021 2358 1238

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