Bandung Day Trip: De Ranch, Begonia Garden & Tahu Susu

Deranch (20 of 8)

Bandung, the land of……….. :/

Truth is i don’t know much about Bandung and i dedicate this post to those who are just as clueless as i am about this city.

So here’s my short itinerary. Definitely not the most fun, but enough to be of a slight entertainment.

1. De RanchDeranch (17 of 8)Perfect spot to lay out your picnic blanket. Just make sure you don’t get too close to the horse path. You’ll end up smelling like horsie poopies.

Deranch (16 of 8)

Deranch (12 of 14)Deranch (5 of 14)

Or you can always go back to eating if you’re not all that interested in those sort of activities.

2. Begonia Garden

Begonia (6 of 9)

The name of the place says it all. There are only flowers and plants here. And several gigantic (and very amusing) craftworks. But make sure to come early because this place could be super packed in late afternoon.

Begonia (7 of 9)

Begonia (2 of 9)Begonia (9 of 9)Begonia (8 of 9)

3. Tahu Susu

This place is a foodie heaven. Bakso, Seblak, Tahu, Bakmi, you name it, they have it all. Just across this place, there is a legendary “Rumah Sosis” outlet (produces one of the best sausage i’ve had in my life!) and “Sate Taichan”.

TahuLembang (11 of 15)TahuLembang (5 of 15)Recently learnt the meaning behind the name of “Seblak Jeletet” (a trending street food in town) after watching the one of the top Indonesian blogger’s Insta Stories (@eatandtreats): Seblak is defined as a wet kerupuk. No wonder the dish only consists of kerupuk that are drenched in spicy red soup.

TahuLembang (14 of 15)TahuLembang (15 of 15)

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